The Weekend Begins

Ahhhh the weekend begins. Actually it began for me last night I went to a crop at TFTM with Ana and Renee. I picked some beautiful color combos for my BH layout for the Nov. sketch. Pretty pretty can't wait until it's done.

Didn't sleep well last night and had to get up early to meet some friends for the Stamp and Scrap Expo. After a few stops, coffee, yard sale(got a toaster oven for clay $3 woo hoo), some wrong turns. We finally made it to the Expo. Much to learn and see. Did a few MNT's got some free stuff and bought a lot of cool stuff as well as a stash of EZ mount foam.

Shari gave me my book for the round robbin in the group I have to pick a theme? I also got Harriets book to do my pages in, hers is just beautiful. I'm excited about my new friend/friends. They are so artistic it feels inspiring to be with them.

Em had her first T-Ball game today. I hear as a pitcher(yelling pitcher pitch) she made an awesome stop! That's my girl! Abbi was very excited to show me all her stuff from today too, just as I was excited to show Dave all mine! The girls took a pleasant bath, except Ab's screaming she thinks this is funny in the bathroom with the echo!

All is well here and I'm exhausted. I need to assimilate everything I saw today and decide where to begin tomorrow. I should wait up for the "official" SU retirement list to come out but I'm exhausted and well it's nothing that can't wait until 8am tomorrow when we are all up from a good nights sleep! There's plenty of time to morn our favorites leaving and look forward to what new might be coming! I shall have new artwork to share tomorrow!