Highlights from Holiday 2016 - Happy 2017

This year I tried to take some photos in between the videos and busyness of the Holiday Season.  This year while working full time at a college the Holiday's landed during finals, end of term and graduation so that meant longer days at work and a lot of evenings!  We had concerts a lot of evenings and weekends as well as the end of both terms for both girls with projects and finals.  This season was definitely a challenge and there were a few bumps in the road but we persevered and made it through 2016 and now we can relax and ring in the New Year!  So looking forward to 2017!  We wish Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with Joy!

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Christmas Raskog cart Stitchy Set Up

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Puppies enjoying their new blanket from Santa

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Christmas Puzzle beginning and end.
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Decorating the Gingerbread House
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Correy's special present Emily Wrapped it Brilliantly.

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New PJ's for Everyone Holiday Tradition!

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Christmas Eve the Tree is looking Bright

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Our Great Nephew opening Gifts on Xmas Eve.
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Children make the Holiday so much more Joyous!

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My MIL's tree is Gorgeous as always!

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PJ day at school, means go as a Reindeer.

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Graduation night for Work!

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Dave knows how to deal with SNOW!

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Barnes & Nobel Holiday Performance

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The beginning of Dave's B-Day Dinner

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50 bottle of Beers when you turn 50!

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PCC Winter Concert

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Honors Choir

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First Snow is always pretty!

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Clason house strings performance

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It's tight in the Clason House for the Performers

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Holiday Decorating is never boring

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Holiday Shopping with my Munchkin!

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The Tree Lighting Celebration in the Town Square - PCC sang carols

Just some of the highlights from this Holiday Season.  There were a few concerts and events I only took video those are on my Instagram and/or Facebook page, along with other items throughout the season.