Raina Updated - Now Gracie

 So it's been a few days since Raina/Gracie came home.  There have been a few bumps and a lot of fun, goofy times with both dogs.  Gracie got her new name Sunday night after much debate.  She seems to be taking to it well.  She is somewhat getting the idea of potty training.  The little cough is pretty much gone now except when she drinks water.  Vienna realized on the second full day that Gracie was here to stay.  Right about the time we realized if we praised Gracie before she finished going potty she would stand up and continue going down her legs.  EEEP lesson learned.  After a couple of bath times everyone likes each other again.  Well no one likes the bath but one it's over we were all happy.  Gracie is always happy she just keeps away from Vienna when she is crabby with her. 
Gracie is learning to fit in  and still looking to the older dog for guidance or to be a pillow.  She is definitely our comic relief.  She gets the Zoomies in the late afternoon early evening.  I try to get her outside because she is just learning the stairs and tends to fall down a couple when she is going too fast but when she figured them out she was so excited we couldn't catch her.  She's wacky if she's zooming around and sneezes she falls over.  It barely stops her though.  She's trying to learn how to kiss.  So far it's just nose jabs but that's ok, Vienna gives us plenty as usual.
As you can see she has made herself comfortable and moved into the dog bed and blankets.  We catch her sleeping in the oddest positions.  She also barks a little in her sleep.  She did finally bark for real yesterday out loud while both puppies were sunning themselves in the front door.  Oh my Vienna and I both jumped she has such a crazy squeaky loud bark.  How sweet is that little sleeping face?   She is hard to resist even for Vienna........