Raina Comes Home - The Beginning

Welcome to our Family Raina.  We have been looking for another little love bug to add to our family for the last few months.  My friend Cathy let me know about Sweet Raina and the Second City Canine Rescue.  We immediately contacted them, applied, and arranged to meet Raina and introduce Vienna to her at the next rescue event. 

Saturday morning came, we were so excited everyone piled in the car and went over to Elk Grove to meet this precious girl.  I will say the event was very busy with lots of happy doggies looking for their furever homes.  Raina and Vienna seemed to get along and were equally curious about the puppies and big dogs.  Raina loved the girls she curled up in Emily's lap as soon as she sat down on the floor.  Just needing a place to relax.  We learned about Raina's past.  She's a 3yr old girl that had recently had puppies and was in a rescue in KY where she was adopted by a family but returned.  She was then brought up here by SCCR.   She had a little Kennel Cough when she got here but had just finished up her anti-bio-tics when we met her.  After hanging out with her a bit we returned home to wait for a call to see if our Family would be chosen to adopt Raina.

We had a couple of hours so I was constantly questioned how much more time.  Finally the call came that Raina had chosen us from the other family's that had visited with her that day.  We were so excited we just had to finish up the paper work, donation and then the home visit.  So back in the car we went to get all the technical stuff accomplished and set up a home visit.  Getting to see her again was great it had calmed down a bit at the event.

The home visit was set up for later that day so we scurried back home to wait for Raina and Tracy to come see us.  I unfortunately had to rush off to work but the rest of the family was there. I heard all about how she came in and she and Vienna went straight to playing.  How there was a little accident in the house but all went well and Tracy said her goodbyes to Raina and we had a new puppy. 

Everyone attempted to walk over to visit me at work, unfortunately Raina wasn't sure what a walk was so it was half a carry and half a walk with a little bit of a sit.  Then she got a new color and harness picked out and we began introducing her to her new furever home.   Lots of pictures were taken and lots of snuggling this shy, sweet, loving little dog. 

When I got home and walked in you could see she wasn't quite sure what to do but then she just watched Vienna and tried to follow along.  Vienna jumped up on me so Raina jumped up on Vienna's back.  Vienna then tells her what to do so she tries again.  She is a funny little puppy she runs but falls down a lot and is totally intimidated by the stairs, she just looks up them.  She jumps up on the furniture and most of the time hits her mark.  Sometimes she doesn't but she won't give up.  She doesn't really seem to recognize her name, so we have a short window to rename her.  One thing everyone can love about her is if you pet her she is totally yours, she just melts into you and will stay there forever.

So begins her new life more pictures coming soon.