Weekend Update!

 8th Grade Graduation for Emily!   Grandma Gayle came in for the weekend and Grandma & Grandpa B came over for the Graduation Ceremony.  EEEK look at all those kids below.  This was in our High School's Gym and can you believe it only took 1hr(well a bit less) for the entire thing....  Very Organized!
Earlier in the day My Mom, Emily and I went and picked out this amazing cake from Ambrosia!   It tasted as wonderful as it looked!  We had a Pizza and Cake party after the Graduation!
The next day we went out and about with Grandma Gayle and had a wonderful time!  Amazing weather for the weekend.
Lastly today is my 16th Wedding Anniversary.  It seems like no time at all has passed.  My sweet husband got me 16 roses one for each year and 2 pink ones for my girls.  I am the luckiest girl in the world blessed with an Amazing Husband and to Beautiful Girls!

There was more mostly flower and yard stuff but I'll save that for another post I have to share my very cool Mother's Day gift Dave made for me.  It's finally finished and all of my flowers and veggies and plants are planted.


Margie H said…
Congratulations x 2!!

Can't believe you have a high schooler in the house :)
What a sweet hubby - he's a keeper!

Miss talking with you but hope to above water with work after the 23rd (fingers crossed - lol!).

Have a great weekend xo