WOYWW #195 - My Many Workdesks.....

Ooooh I get to play a little again.  I'm excited to visit all work spaces over at Julia's Stampin Ground Blog where she hosts What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and it's a ton of fun to go and look at everyone's desks and comment and encourage everyone's progress on the their projects.   It's been hard finding time to play but on my way to work today I had a lightbulb moment.  I would share why.  So the first picture is where I work.  It's the back counter of our Local Stamp and Scrapbook Store and as you can see I take my little pink bag(on the stool) with me and then I open the box and everything I'm working on comes out and covers the counter.  I didn't show you the Sales counter but I have stuff over there as well.  I'm there for a few hours then I come home and well I work either at my desk which we've all seen that scary mess before or at my Dining Room table(Below).  Which is where I am today.  Kitting for classes(Fabulous Folds extra kits in the picture).  I have to finish before I have my scrapping group over tonight to play.  

Edited to add: the cards for this class can be found here, here and here.  Someone asked so I thought I would add the links back.

  Tomorrow my work desk will be the classroom at the store since I'm teaching a Clean & Simple class.  Which the prep for is anything but as you can see.  UGH  I have piles everywhere!  It's crazy!

Anyway stop on over to WOYWW #195 at Julia's blog and check out all the other fun and amazing workdesks.  And thank you so much for stopping by mine!


Kim said…
Wow that is a lot of work! (and a lot of desks!). Hope your classes go well. Kim #147
April Story said…
The area at the scrapbook store looks like a great place to work. But then again - so does your dining room table. I can relate - I have piles of stuff everywhere too. I hope you share the finished class card after your class - the pieces look very interesting. April #151
Barb King said…
You've been so busy. That looks like a fun place to stamp. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Barb
die amelie said…
Both great places to work in! Loved seeing your preparations for classes - looks very well organized and promising!

I hope you had a wonderful WW!

die amelie x
Heather Alger said…
Looks beautifully organised and Love the colours of your class projects x
Happy WOYWW Heather #84
I loved hearing about all your desks. Sounds like your a very busy person
trisha too said…
Wow, Marnie, you have more "desks" than I do! How fun is that, to have everything you might want at your fingertips? Or one aisle over, anyway!

Thank you for visiting this woyww!

#141 this week with
a bunting and lotsa snow!
Caz said…
Thanks for your visit to my place!!
Even with my 3 desks, I'm still envious of your opportunities for spreading out everywhere - such a busy person too!
Happy crafty week (what's left of it)
Scrapcat 1 said…
I did wonder when I looked at the picture and I was sooo jealous cos I thought you had all that space and all those goodies, but it's the shop so thats okay. Tracy #72