Who doesn't love CAKE?

Everyone here loves cake!  Tonight was our first Family meal in awhile.  Dave was gone for a few days in South Carolina at an event, and then racing to stay ahead of the snow in the south.  He finally made it home and we were all so happy to see him.  He was gone almost 5 days!  Most of it traveling.  EEEK  So Monday we went out to dinner which was nice.  Tonight though I cooked and we all sat down and got to hear all about every one's day  plus Daddy has missed so much girly gossip over the weekend he had to be filled in.  HA  I did go to our local bakery and got treats for everyone, Oreo brownies for the girls, baklava for Dave and cream puffs for myself.  It was fun to surprise them with the bakery box from their favorite bakery!!!!    Dave and I did try to wrestle the new tree into the tree bag I ordered.   We need to come up with a better storage solution.  Dave had to shovel tonight but Abs helped him when she got home from dance and hopefully the snow will stop.   And for the first time all winter Dave told me he was COLD while in the house rearranging furniture.  Seriously the man always makes fun of me being cold and he spends 4 days in the south and can't handle it anymore....REALLY?    It's not that cold it got up to 29 today that's almost balmy here!

So the tags above are another new addition to my shop!  I love the idea of putting these on mini cakes or slices to hand out.  Just to fun with the vintage image of cake under glass!   I think I might have to do these in other colors!!!!!

Hope everyone is having as wonderful a Monday as we are!