So I've been on a Valentine making Binge

I've spent my time off over the Holiday's to get some household things in order and I've started making Valentines for my Etsy Shop.  I've been sharing a lot already.  I made up a basket of all my hearty, red, pink and lovely things that might work for the season.  It's a big big basket and it was neat for like a minute now it's a jumbled mess of stamps, scraps and ribbons flying out every which way.  But it's still kinda pretty.   Now I'm just wondering what will be next to go into the basket?

So today the kids went back to school it's terribly quiet in the house, no TV no bickering no IPODs cranked.  Dave is here but he's working across the table from me and making comments about my wacky morning hair.   Then he's quiet, yet clicky,  again until he finds another reason to pick on me.

Hope everyone is having as peaceful a Monday!


Clare D. said…
Just found your blog via your Etsy shop and am following. Cute stuff! Check out my blog today for a blog candy drawing for my Etsy store. And if you miss this comment till after my drawing watch for another Jan 28th.