So Yummy Saturday

So my goal for this weekend is to craft it up for the craft fair coming up.   To that end the weather has cooled off and become the perfect amount of gloomy that you want to nest inside the house and do crafty things.  For me crafty things always includes baking.  I've baked my entire life.  I so got ungrounded by making my  Dad brownies with walnuts when I was a teenager.  Or I remember making snicker doodles and winning blue ribbons at the county fair!   Totally my favorite thing to do in the kitchen.  I love cooking but baking is my favorite.  One of my favorite websites is The Pioneer Woman and she has these Cinnamon Rolls I have so wanted to make forever.  The planets aligned with a perfect fall day for snuggling in and making these rolls.  They are perfect for my plan  today since there are a couple of hours of rising so I can work on my crafty things.  Then the girls and I literally covered the counters with dough, butter, cinnamon and sugar!  Everyone pitched in and we had a great time making them and running around he neighborhood delivering just out of the oven cinnamon rolls to all of our favorite people!

I am proud to add that Emily has a talent for baking.  She made the most perfect and yummy Chocolate Chip cookies last weekend while I was working.  So much so that when I came home I asked Dave where all the cookies were(there were 8 left).  He just grinned and asked me "where do you think".  Oh well I got a couple.

So then it was back to crafting and so me and 5 munchkins sat around and made shrinky dinks, luckily it's kinda cool outside so the oven going all day isn't toooooo bad.  The girls did wings and horses and cutesy Hello Kitty Dies.   Matthew did sports stuff even taking a football helmet and making a bears helmet out of it.   

Earlier in the day I had thrown hashbrowns with cheese and sour cream in the crock pot and put some polish sausage on top so that was dinner tonight.  We refer to it as heart attack on a plate but it oh so yummy!  And we make it when Dave is out out town since he doesn't like Polish Sausage including the smell of it cooking.   Fortunately both girls and I do like it and so do their friends.  Yummy!