Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wise Men Say........

It's actually been 12 years today since I married my best friend!  It seems like it was just yesterday we were in Vegas getting married!!!  Happy Anniversary Dave! 

Today we have one crazy day planned.  The kids get out of school for the summer before noon.  Lauren is coming after 1:00 for tutoring plus it is her Birthday.   I still have to put the finishing touches on her cupcakes.  Then Grandma is coming over to babysit so we can go out for dinner.  Phew! 


Paula said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, 12 years that's wonderful. Hope you had a nice evening out!!

Dianne said...

Happy Anniversary Marnie and Dave! I wish you many, many more Happy Anniversaries!

Was that your card for Dave? It's absolutely wonderful!