Wonderful Wednesday!

So far so good this week.  The kids are a little worked up about getting out of school in under 2 weeks but other than that it's been great.  We have all decided for Emily's birthday we would give her a room makeover.  This should be fun finding what we need to make it just the way she wants it.  And nooooo more PINK she is to old for that!  Green is her color of choice!  She has band/orchestra auditions this week and then "THE" talk/movie at school this week!  EEEEK  Mommy is scared,  I might not be able to handle "The Talk".  We'll see how it goes.  On a way less nail biting note.  Scrapping/Crafting tonight!  I'm excited to get some things done for the end of the school year!

So the card above is for my Thursday Discovering Die cuts class!  Fun Fun Fun ideas with Die Cuts.  Be sure to check out the new June Calendar up at the website for more classes. 

On a side note.  Joanna, Thank You So much for all of your Hermit Crab advice.  I didn't know how to reach you.  But we wanted to say it was much appreciated!