Copic 101 This Weekend

We had a fun weekend I should take a photo of our Garage Sale Day Haul.  The girls and I had lots of fun then picked up Dianne to hit a few more later.  We ran into old friends and caught up and everything.  Later the girls went to a Sleepover!  Woo Hoo I was alone in the house overnight for the first time in almost 10 years.  Dianne did come over and have dinner with me and scrap, well we laughed and giggled and ate anyway!  HA  Sunday was nonstop birthdays, play dates and finally Daddy came home from his trip. He was very excited, he was the bell of the ball in his new historically accurate dress suit!  And lucky for him his brand new hat finally arrived!  Apparently everyone wanted to dance with him!  Even the Sherrif!

I can't believe it's Wednesday?  I have no idea where the last 2 days went?  EEEK

Anyway this weekend is Copic 101 and 201 so I'll be posting more samples for those.  Here is another project for 101 we will be working with yellows Y02 and Y06.  Love this flower from Hero Arts.  I'm excited about these classes running consecutively I have a couple of students taking them back to back that should be fun!  OOOOH and the June Calendar is up on the website plus you can see what is left for may over there as well!


angela said…
Hi I would like to know about Copic 101, are these on line classes?I would be interested.Angela(