The Snow is Coming The Snow is Coming..........

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So they've been predicting all day we were going to get snow tonight.  I didn't know this when I got stopped by the caravan of CAT tractors pulling into the municipal drive over here this morning, but I coulda guessed it.  So we started at 1-2" and now we're up to 7-12" it's progressively getting larger as time goes by and the snow isn't even supposed to start until midnight.  I'm skeptical but then that's just growing up in Chicagoland for ya.  If the phone wakes me up cancelling school tomorrow I'll freak.  I have 2 classes to teach tomorrow and my Ribbon one is chock full of people.

So the above card is one from my Ribbon Class tomorrow night.  There are still a few spots left.  We are using ribbon in non-traditional ways.  Come on you know you have a HUGEUNGO(love love this word it describes my stash perfectly) ever growing stash of ribbon and you know you need some new ways to use it!  You gotta take this class!  At least you can go home with 4 new ways to use ribbon!

So now I'm off to chant Snow Snow Go Away come again some other day.  Well can it be a day of my choosing?  Have a good one!


scrapper al said…
Love how you made the cupcake! So cute and clever!
Kathi said…
Cool ribbon use. I have so much ribbon and rarely use it. I should have taken your class!