Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Guts & Such


A Blank Canvas

Seeds for Roasting

A Broken Piece - Inspiration

Emily's Creation

Abbi's Creation

So here are the first half of the results of last nights fun with pumpkin guts and such. They are super cute. I love how my scrapping and stamping stuff has rubbed off on the girls. They each did sketches which just cracks me up! Things changed a bit when they had to correct errors and such but otherwise pretty dead on. Wait until you see Dave's creation. That's a whole other post but this is what we have so far!

Happy Monday!


the Provident Woman said...

I love the pumpkins. That's so creative!

Just letting you know I have a giveaway on my site.

Dianne said...

The girls' pumpkins are spectacular...I can't wait to see Dave's!