OOOH Pretties!

Photo from Country Living

OOOOH I want to do this on my porch well a much smaller scale as my porch is not very big. But isn't it beautiful. I'm going to find my little metal shelves that the kids play with and paint them black and put them out with pretty pumpkins and gourds.

So things are quiet here. Emily is back at school today. She hasn't had a fever since Tuesday Afternoon but she has a harsh sounding cough. She really didn't want to miss anymore school it's boring at home being made to lay down all the time. She spent yesterday playing piano and snacking in front of the TV. She was thrilled with lunch though. She requested grilled PB&J, "but like Aunt Paula makes!" this was the stipulation. Not that I really knew what that meant. So as I was heading downstairs to make it, she was asking me if I had that powder? I couldn't figure it out, then she changed it to flour. I got it she was talking about Powdered Sugar. Ahhh Light Bulb Moment. That's apparently how Aunt Paula makes it? So when I was done and put it on the table she said the sweetest thing. "See Mommy that looks like Christmas!" Who doesn't want their lunch to look like Christmas or for that matter taste like Christmas!

Trying to figure out what to do this weekend. I really want to hit the Zoo for Boo at the Zoo but if it's going to be raining the entire time it might be a bummer and wet. Plus we still have the pumpkin patch to do, carving pumpkins, our haunted gingerbread house etc. etc. So many things so little time!