Starting My Christmas List (Early?Maybe Not!)

While blog hopping the other day I saw a Christmas countdown, you know the one that's a Christmas tree on the sidebar! Totally freaked me out it was at 67 days. That was a couple of days ago! EEEK Who knew it was coming so fast? I've been too busy enjoying Fall to think about what lies beyond. So I've decided to start my Holiday list making. I plan to share as often as I can.

First Up - My kids want these convertible mittens. They have a friend with them and are dying for a pair themselves. These are very cool I found them on Etsy they are by DebzCreations. She has tons of them in different sizes, colors and patterns. I love how they have a little button on the back! Very clever! See my list is taking shape! I also checked with her she does special orders and says things are moving fast. Better get our orders in, just think one thing done!
Sadly our fishy Spots passed away yesterday afternoon. He was almost 3 years old. He could barely swim at the end it was very sad. But he is our longest living fish! We'll miss watching him make nests for babies that would never come. He was a beta fish so he lived alone! Daddy and the Girls said their goodbyes! He was a very very good fish! Abbi seemed Ok with this, I mean we were all prepared he's not been doing well for awhile. She was telling her friend from the car pool this morning how she released(nice way of saying flushed) him and "maybe he was in that pond over there or maybe that one over on that side". Where do they get these things?


Debbie, said…
I want to make some of these mittens this year. These are so cute. Going to check out that gal's etsy shop. Great fish story. yeah, maybe Spots is in the pond over there with everything else that got flushed, right? Kids are funny.
Paula said…
These are great mittens!! So sorry to here about Spots.