WARNING - Work Zone

My house is trashed. Well most of it is in the garage! I was trying to keep it in until it's all done but now I think we may do more than we originally planned? Anyway we got all new flooring downstairs last week it's all the same all the way through the house. Now our walls look hideous though so I want to paint. Dave doesn't. He's still reeling from the dump truck of mulch that was delivered a couple of weeks ago so I guess I see his point. I just can't see bringing everything back in the house then having to move it all out again to paint if we ever decide on a color? I'm crazy I know. I did price scaffolding rental at Home Depot it's only $22 a day and we can't paint with out it considering how tall our ceilings are. Oooh and we got 2 new area rugs one for the family room and one for the living room I can't wait to put them down! This weekend Dave put felt on the bottom of most of the furniture so that can start coming back in the house.
OOOH it's also time for the Weekly Feature over at Linnecards. This week is Doodlebug! Loving this coordinated paper! So much fun! In this card I used Tangerine. Be sure to check out the GALLERY eveyrones projects are wonderful!
Also be sure to keep an eye out for the ScrapPink Crop coming this weekend at Linnecards the prizes and challenges are going to be a TON OF FUN!