Things are getting there!

The living room is almost there! I'm playing with paint chips trying to decide the color of the walls so it won't look like this for long but at least the floors are all done. The installers came back yesterday to fix the family room floor where I broke it. They found a bead under the board under the cushion. The did ask Abbi who's bead it was(it was purple). She very pointedly told them it was Emily's from her birthday gifts. They had to laugh! They also fixed the threshold into the powder room it wasn't quite right. So now the hard part begins! HA!
I love this background stamp! I had to have it all the different fonts and languages are so much fun. The background here is made with alcohol ink and a pearl additive. I had a lot of fun making these!


Beth Norman said…
Holy smokes, that is one cool card!! How did you make it?
Dianne said…
What a great shot of your living room from up high! Your new floor looks wonderful!