Spring is almost here!

I swear it's sunny and warmish today! Well it's WINDY oh my is it WINDY but then that's pretty normal!
What have I done lately? OH MY things have been crazy around here it's fundraising season for just about everything again OH MY! We registered Ab's for Kindergarten that was hard. I didn't cry which is a miracle since I cry about every little thing. I did end up signing up to do kindergym! Abbi is not thrilled since I'll be in her gym classes. HMMMMM. The girls started tumbling last week they love it! Ab's is the youngest Em is pretty young too the other girls are all in middle school so they are the babies. But the teacher is on the HS Gymnastic Team and is awesome with them. So hopefully we'll have our cartwheel and splits by the end of the session.
What else? Putting together a class on flowers for spring that should be fun. I'm kinda excited I have a cute bag idea! Oh and the card at the top is fun I used a card I got in a kit that was already die cut with the window. I stamped around it with the justjohanna stormy wave stamp and embossed with a fun green embossing powder! The inside is lined with a cool patterened paper that matches!
OOOOH HEADS UP!!! Earth Day is coming and justjohanna is going to have challenges and prizes and such! That will be loads of fun. Keep watching for exciting updates and details.


Dianne said…
Ooooo Flowers for Spring...and a cute bag idea! I am SO ready for flowers and Spring.
Dianne said…
I forgot to tell you....your card is GORGEOUS!