Thursday, December 27, 2007

Next Day

The entire family arrived. I spent the morning preparing picking up birthday cakes and wrapping presents. I made these tags using my most favorite stamp from justjohanna the Candy Cane Tree. Ok it was my favorite during the Holiday I'm sure soon I'll have a new favorite it's hard to pick! Anyway their glittered and fun!
A little up close action of Little Al hanging out on the tree!

Then we attempted a Chritmas card photo. As you can see Em was really into it Abs not so much this was the best in the bunch before the screaming and crying started. Ahhh The holiday season is in full swing!


Emilia said...

these cards are cute! I love candy cane tree too!

Dianne said...

Adorable tage Marnie!
Abbi looks cute even if she isn't thrilled with having her picture taken!

Mandy said...

How clever! I love that Al is green! :)