12 Days! Yikes

Ok so I'm going to try to catch up slowly I have tons of pics I just got off my camera so here goes.

We had Dave's B-day party. Well it was little his parents and the girls and I. I made him a cheesecake and we ordered Pizza. He got some wonderful things. New work gloves, fun beers from some of his favorite breweries, t-shirts, a Cival War calendar, a nice cigar etc. etc. It was a very nice evening. Right after this Christmas errupted in our house. My family arrived the next day from part south and once they were all booked in the hotel we began the festivities.

More to follow!


Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, Kathi!! :)
Anonymous said…
LOLOL!!!! Merry Christmas, Marnie too! (embarassed now) You have to cut me some slack...you have no idea what has taken place down here. lol
Dianne said…
Happy Belated Birthday Dave!!!