Candy Cane Wishes!

This is about where my kids are right now! I should be posting a picture of their playroom and their bedroom they are completely clean. You know Santa doesn't bring toys to little girls that don't take care of and put away the ones they have now! I'm such a mean Mommy! But I'm scrubbing the house from top to bottom in preparation for Christmas this coming weekend with my family. The upstairs is done tentatively well except the studio it's last on the list. That was my Saturday. Dave had his Company meeting in Madison so he was gone most of the day then we went out to Pizza Hut for dinner so Emily could redeem her reading coupon, when he got home. We came home amid an ice storm. ICK! I didn't get my Christmas wreath for the house it was way to icky outside for that!

Sunday was quiet all day just more house stuff and this card. I used the sketch from linnecards. The stamp is the Candy Cane Tree from justjohanna. And the paper is Scenic Route(Loveland) it's valentine but the colors are perfect for Christmas as well.

Then we had a babysitter and went to Ana's SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party. Which I have to say Zjelko pulled off perfectly! He had a caterer and tall tables set up in the living room and family room for people to mill about drink and enjoy bites before hand, then Ana arrived and we all yelled surprise and she cried and hugged and cried some more, she was so happy to see everyone. Then dinner was served it was gorgeous and yummy. There was Champagne and a dessert buffet and everyone had a wonderful time! It was a fabulous evening!

On a side note Dave lost his car keys(they can't be far they'll turn up) but we had to come home to get my car keys then my BIL Marc had leave the party to drive one of the cars from Ana's house back here and he fell on our icy drive! EWWWWWWW He swears he was laughing when I went out to see what the yelling was about? Hmmmm? But it still was pleasant only the part about the Cars.


Mandy said…
Sounds like you had a great time! Great card with the Candy Cane Tree, too! :)
Emilia said…
I love the bright and vivid colors here! so eye-cathcing and yummy!