Good Morning! Things have been nutty around here! Snow and school and ice and snow and decorating for the Holidays. I just have to clean off my coffee table(covered in holiday stuff) and find homes for all of it and I'm finished! Phew!

I've been working on cards all week. Christmas cards, dt cards cards cards and more cards. Here I made a card with Calvin the snail! He's a cutie isn't he? I love him! I colored him with glaze pens so he's really bright to match the paper. The paper is my own it's actually part of a larger piece I painted for a layout. When I cut it down to 12x12 I had this smidge leftover. It's painted in acrylic and embellished with pen. I of course added glitter with stickles because well no snail would go out in the world without stickles! Certainly not Calvin

So this week I received 2 of my RVA swap ornaments one from Dianne(HA I know I almost fell out of my chair) and she even mailed it, considering how many times I've seen her in the last 2 weeks I'm not sure when? She was very good at keeping it a secret from me though! I had no idea she got my name! It's a perfect snowman ornament made with loving care! I'm so excited to have one!

The second one came from Canada very exciting! From Kelly Oribine. It's a lovely snowflake done all in pinks, reds and browns seen below and a very nice card. I just love it! I'm so excited!

What else is happening here? Nothing much. Dance class was bring a friend for the girls they were thrilled to take their friends to class. Christmas shopping is coming along almost done with all the big stuff, Dave is still an issue! Oooh and the Schnockered group is doing a Cookie Exchange so we've been sharing tips and links over on that blog. It's not scrap related at the moment but more Christmas and Recipe related. I think that's about it!
Hope your having an awesome week!


Erin K said…
ohmyheck, that snail card is so cute I can't stand it.
Kathi Rerek said…
Calvin is too cute and so is the penguin.

Great cardds.