Holiday Happenings Here!

I'm behind on my Christmas Cards so I've started to simplify! Love this justjohanna stamp snowflake trio! very versatile. I stamped it here with various chalk inks then added stickles on top so it would sparkle!

While I'm behind in my Christmas Cards I'm done with my shopping except for maybe a chocolate Santa or two for stockings! WOO HOO!

I'm pretty ready for Dave's birthday and my Mom's visit this weekend. I just have to figure out what to do for Dave on his b-day. I had dinner reservations at our favorite place but he started a new job this week and there is no way he'll be getting home early enough to make it out at a decent hour.

I started my shopping spree at Cabella's this morning. Abbi was thrilled to see all the animals and everything but every time we wandered into a department she would express how TIRED she was so we made it quick I finished 3 people there though. Hopefully everything will fit and be what they wished for! Tonight Dianne and I headed out and we accomplished a ton more! I have a project to finish before Sat. but besides that all I have is the wrapping! Phew!

Randi came to Abbi's school to explain Hanukkah, I read a book, she taught them a song and we did a dreidel project then they all took home gelt. It seemed like they had fun!

So later this week I have to go and explain Christmas to them as the teachers can't do it! I suck I don't have any candy to give them I suppose I should go and get some boxes of candy canes or something?

Anyhoo hope everyone is making a dent in their holiday plans! Stay safe in the cold and ice!


Sylvie :) said…
Great color combo ! beautiful cards !
Dianne said…
Love your card Marnie...!
As for making a dent in my holiday plans....I think it's more like they're making a dent in me!!! LOL!
Rina said…
Hello, Marnie:)

Your card is so elegant & beautiful!
I love your coloring.
Kathi Rerek said…
Ooooh. This one is lovely too!