Dolphin Tracking, Ribbon & Punces

We're members of the local zoo so we get all these fun emails and projects from them for the kids. One of the girls favorite animals are the Dolphins! Anyway there is a study going on about the Dolphin's movement! The girls love checking it out daily to see if Betty the Dolphin and her calf have moved and where they are headed. It also helps with Emily's geography lessons. Go and take a look at Betty's movement, currently through the Gulf of Mexico.
So I'm still organizing my room but I have to say most everything is in the room now. It's just a matter of finding space for it and being able to find it when I need it! I'm excited Dave and I were discussing how to store these large punches and discovered I could lay them sideways on my ribbon wall. Well all but the GIGA punches. If the poles were about 1/2 and in more apart they would fit, I don't want to ruin the paint though. So they just sit on the little fridge under the ribbon storage. Right next to my basket of embellishment tins. I know it looks kinda messy but all of my ribbon is right here and I can see it at a glance. Now if I could just stop buying ribbon I could clean it up a bit! Ok so maybe that's not going to happen? We all need dreams and goals though! HA!!!!!


15minL8 said…
If you want to try a different system for storing ribbon, go to the ribbon ring website:

I know she gives out free samples if you ask for one.
Holy cow, that's a lot of ribbon! Your space looks like fun!