Did everyone have a great Holiday?

We did! Lots of food and Family. Wednesday we cooked and Willie the bird arrived from California. Thursday more cooking and Marilyn, Bob and Stephen came over we then of course ate and ate. Emily loved the turkey leg hense the picture! We did get to stop and watch Ray Rayner, Garfield Goose and Bozo on WGN there was a 2hr special which included these and Suzy Snowflake, Hardrock, Cocoa and Joe and the original Frosty. The kids enjoyed this but Dave and I just kept saying remember that and remember that it was very nostalgic. Friday we took the girls to see the Nutcracker and out to lunch. They were enthralled with the show. We met Paula and Olivia at Michael's and brought Olivia home for a sleepover. Then we basically didn't see the kids again unless they were hungry they played and played and played! Saturday afternoon Paula came and picked up Olivia and the girls and I watched some holiday movies and they crafted.
So all in all it was a great holiday weekend quiet at home for the most part and fun!