Little In The Middle!

So I'm coloring cutting pasting and creating again! Phew! I had a serious MOJO lapse! But now it seems to be revived! I will share shortly!

It's the little things I struggle to remember everyday. Here is one about Abbi. She really when she's not yelling "NO" at us or whining that she is not going to do something she really is adorable. The girls and I had to run to the store Monday early to get necessities for the day like bread, milk, doughnuts etc. As we were walking from the car to the store Emily was holding one of Abbi's hand and I the other. She started skipping and singing "little in the middle" which seemed to bring her such joy! She suddenly wants to be my baby lately! She used to get really mad when I said she was my baby now she just comes up to me at random moments and tells me "I'm your baby Momma"! Being littlest has been an issue with her and Em's friends since they like to say thing slike you have to be 7 to play this game etc. But now she seems to take joy in the fact that she's the littlest. I wonder if once we're all back in school again that will change? I hope not!

Here she is posing with a pair of PJ's on her head! They think this is the funniest!


Julie said…
Yeah! Glad you're back! (Super cute photie!)