A little over an Hour

And I will be wearing my dance costume out in public or at least to the park district building for pictures! HA! I have to figure out my hair under the wig! The girls looked awesome for pictures! Abbi was adorable with her hair up! And Em got banana curls like she always wanted in her pony tail. Mommy ended up buying Aquanet to keep it all in place! You know this stuff smells way better than I remember it smelling in high school!

So Renee L called yesteray afternoon. Ana had her baby Jaqueline Portia she was 7lbs 5oz with a full head of black hair! Ana herself called today to tell me I was right she was a girl!(she was convinced it would be a boy!) I gather her mom was a tad upset since Ana wouldn't let her buy some cute cute girlie outfits out shopping earlier in the week! Oh well now we all get to buy pretty girlie dresses! I'm so excited for her!

So I finished my Chalet DLAS Challenge #6. I'm so excited! I used my new Cocoa Daisy May kit on this one and added some stuff out of my stash! This Pink Martini paper was just perfect! Here's a little sneaky peaky!
Oooh tonight I made pork ribs in the crock pot. Well I put them in this morning Dianne was right they fall right off the bone! Dave loved them! Speaking of DIANNE KUDOS lady for having a LAYOUT picked up for Memory Makers October issue I'm so excited for you! Congrats we will go out for celebratory pie after Saturday!

I'm sure I'll be keeping you updated on our progress as we get closer to the recital!


Anonymous said…
OH! I wanna see photos! I hope you get lots!
Anonymous said…
Forgot to sign my name...it is Tammy here! LOL
Rita said…
GORGEOUS layout! We definitely need to see pics of you in your costume! :)
Woooow ! I just love the colorful waves... and the pics are beautiful ! Thi is an amazing work !!!