The day after is finally here!

It's over I did it I danced in front of people in a wacky costume and it's done! PHEW! I didn't die and if anyone laughed at me I didn't witness it so I'm thankful for that! And above all I had fun with my friends and my girls!

Now on to way more fun stuff the Voting for the DLAS contest over at the Chalet has begun! Here is my layout in the gallery and the voting area. I'm excited about this one it was a sketch challenge and I love how mine turned out for once! The other layouts are just amazing you have to check them all out then don't forget to place your vote!

Today we are relaxing at home with the fam no running around! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend equally! Have a great day!


Dianne said…
All three of you were "STARS" in the show did your numbers beautifully, looked adorable in your costumes...and your smiles showed that you were having a wonderful time. I loved seeing the show!