Happy Monday!

Well here at least! We had an unexpected thunderstorm last night. While watching the 10 o'clock news and the weather person saying we wouldn't get much rain just a sprinkling! HA Dave was less than pleased as this is the second time he's checked the doppler then gone and fertilizes the yard! OOOPSIE! On the upside the weather lady told us there would be no sunshine today but she was wrong on that too it's Sunny and 60 at 7:30 am so it looks like another beautiful day in the 70's like yesterday! Can't wait to open the windows again!

I didn't cook Saturday! Dave was feeling much better and starving so we went back to TGIF and I got to have that Pecan Crusted Chicken salad yet again! Then we went to Dairy Queen and got some Ice Cream the girls were in heaven! And it was amazingly beautiful outside! A perfect perfect weekend! Especially since Dave isn't sick anymore!

Em lost her tooth early early Sunday morning one of her front teeth!! Well it fell out in bed and then she actually did LOOSE her tooth it's in the bedroom somewhere she thinks behind the bed! So we wrote a note explaining to the tooth fairy last night in hopes she would still come! Em was crying last night worried she might not make it! She did! Thank goodness for the tooth fairy.

More good news! I submitted a sibling(sister) layout to Ready Set Create this weekend and it has been picked up! FUN FUN! They have their August calls up! I've been thinking about those!

OOOH OOOH OOOOH and Dianne and I both moved on to Round 4 at Scrapbook Chalet! And now we have a new challenge, it's an ad inspiration challenge! Can't wait to get started but I must find my table first! It's under piles!

Okie dokie you need something to look at! So here are some more projects with my new favorite use them on everything stamps from justjohanna. These are 2 cards made with their cute little crown stamp! I was on a coloring binge which is unusual for me! But I did get some new happy markers so I got to play with them and my handy dandy souffle markers that I love so much as well! I cut out all those little pink crowns I was determined to make those flowers. The brads are from Cactus Pink and there are little flowers on them that look like stamens but you can't really tell in the scan since their glossy!

On that note I'll bid you a Happy Monday!