Sick Sick Sick

And tired of sick! The girls have had the flu one since Friday the other Sunday! I was sure they would wake up this morning and be completely back to themselves. But nooooo what I got was one with a RAGING fever and the other dancing around her saying "I'm not sick I'm not sick!" unfortunately that was the preschooler and she doesn't have school on Wednesdays anyway! ARGGGHHHHH! So a call to the Dr. and they don't want to see her unless she still has it Friday since this is a 7day flu! Ok Ok but come on except for last night(Dianne spirited me away to Michaels where I used a 50% off coupon on CRAYONS Crayola that's right I'm pitiful!)I've been stuck in this house since Saturday! I've cancelled/postponed class after class I'm supposed to be teaching! I'm ready to be done with this. To top it off it's starting to get really nice outside! Ok so I'm done complaining now about my motherly duties! The upside to all of this is that I can make them take a nap(yes they're sleeping) since I have the excuse that the Dr. wants them to nap! Well they say rest but the Mommy translation is NAP!

Anyhoo being stuck in the house had it's upside I've scrapped or stamped a lot so here is a little somthing for your viewing pleasure! The second layout from my Big Picture class! Subject Frames and photo corners! I'm going to really work on this area I didn't really step outside the box and I kinda think that is the point! Oh well I get to scrap again and claim it's homework! HA