Ahhhh Ok so much to cover

First off Jan is over Phew! I somehow in my mind thought Feb would be warmer! I was OHHH so wrong!

I officially started as a reporter for our PTA newsletter got to interview the Art teacher and take photos of the Art around the school! Way FUN! This month is the School Nurse! Just having a good time reporting on what's happening in school!

Now I need to write my report on FLAT OLIVIA! I'm afraid Aunt Marnie wasn't quite as fun with Flat Olivia as other people that had her. She was basically one of the kids here except she got to stay up way later than the other kids and she didn't have to go to school during the day or take tests etc. etc. She did get to go bowling with us where she kept score. She also ran into 3D Oliva or as she likes to be called "OLIVIA LIVE". They bowled a frame or two together! Then Flat Olivia had other places to get to! So she was off to dinner out at Joe's Crabshack, she likes the crablegs! There she has lots of friends she is such a regular she knew the waitor and the Fisherman and even the Fish was happy to see her! After that she had to run off to the Party Store as she's planning a big SHINDIG going away party for herself inviting all her newfound BFF's to "MY" house. Then because she didn't want to seem frivolous and to prove she had substance she headed to the bookstore where she picked up a couple of books and I think I saw her slip a Nick Jr. and Teen People mag into her stack before checkout! Later she inpected the castle tent where she's planning on putting the psychic she's invited to her BASH. Ok more on Flat Olivias adventures later. I'm going to upload some pics but I have to get the rest off the little camera!


Susie said…
Great job!! I will enjoy reading the rest of Flat Olivia's stories!