Sunday, December 17, 2006

Why Be Nice? Because Santa Likes NICE!

So this is a little holiday story! Or really an anytime story about my youngest HAPPY child! She usually is, happy that is, if she's doing what she wants when she wants. Anyhoo we were doing last minute prep for our family Holiday celebration that happened Today/Yesterday.
While in the grocery store buying that 3rd and last bag of cranberries a very sweet cashier pointed out how adorable my child was and proceeded to tell her how cute she was. Abs was not thrilled however and tried very hard to ignore the very nice lady. So Mommy says "what do you say sweetie" which got a look. Then I asked her to say Thank You and mentioned quietly she needed to be NICE. This evoked the most wonderful response directed at the person who caused her trauma, the very nice cashier. "I DON'T WANT TO BE NICE" in the most loud and clear 3 year old voice you will ever want to hear! I'm sure I turned a couple of shades of red and hurried out of the store. Once in the car I was explaining to her how when people are nice to her it's appropriate to be nice in return. She started scolding me that I should "stop saying to be nice Mommy!" then I got "stop talking about Santa not coming if I'm not nice" and this went on for awhile. I was more than a little stunned! I guess the preassure to be good/nice/Santa worthy this time of year has finally gotten to her 3 year old sensabilities and she's done! I have to agree I'm ready for Christmas to be here already!

This is the look I've been getting most lately! This one while trying to take the cute next to the tree portrait. It's very hard to be 3 and just not really get it yet. All these people talking about Santa and presents and being good but nothing to show for it but more repremands and instruction. Luckily Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Cris were here today and she finally got some presents. I thought she was going to explode just giving to all the teachers and aids and other friendly faces we see everyday! Everytime I started to wrap another present she would want to know where hers was????? Ahhhhhhh! Only one more week!

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