So it' s over we've been trying to get things the big holiday what all the work was for. Lets see on Christmas eve we went to the in-laws which was very pleasant and quiet. Dave did get a Penguin HAT he was THRILLED(hmmm). Then home to prepare for the following day. I made a cheesecake for the next day and the girls opened a present that was shockingly new pj's. Off to bed with them! Then a lot of Mommy and Daddy first explaining Santa can't come until all the little kids are asleep later YELLING SANTA IS GOING TO SKIP OUR HOUSE! HA! But you know it was cute they were just so stinkin excited and I remember that from when I was a kid being GIDDY the day before! So in the morning Santa was here and he even left special cookies on the plate for the girls in the shape of their favorite princess'. And a land of Chocolate Santa's on our table of Christmas books and he got them to all STAND UP overnight, see he is magic! The stockings were a big hit as well as all of the other presents. Later Mommy went to start dinner before guests arrived and discovered her oven didn't work. It was not a happy moment but after much stress over what to do we just postponed the guests for another day and ordered chinese! How appropriate since my favorite movie is A Christmas Story. Later after all was said and done and everyone was playing with their presents or in Daddy's case napping after his stressful day! We discovered everyone really did have a GREAT CHRISTMAS even if it didn't seem possible earlier in the day!

The next day a very nice man came and fixed my oven for a few hundred dollars then I promptly baked something! PHEW! Wednesday Marc & Paula & the kids came by to celebrate Christmas so the kids all got to see each other exchange gifts and play! Plus I got to cook my dinner in my oven!

Finally now back to normal! I've been playing with my Cuttlebug and I have some pictures to share so in a bit I'll post them have to get them off the camera!