DT Spotlight Day!

Today is the day I get to upload all my stuff for the Cottage! Our sponsor is We Are Memory Keepers, they were super generous with their UBER COOL product! I've been waiting for weeks I was actually ahead of schedule! WOO! I had to find a couple of my layouts, which was a little scary! Can you say moment of panic! I thought I scanned it I didn't where did I put it? YIKES Ok so I just put it away like I scanned it OOOOPS! Anyway I love my altered project this month it's a Daily Fridge Calendar made with the WRMK packaging. My picture is terrible I'm hoping we get some sun soon and I can take it outside and get some pics to replace online.

This layout is one of them it's of my Fam on vacation in 2005 in Charleston. Dave had an event and I got some super cool pics of him doing his thing with our kids and other kids that came to watch. He's in his element!

So today was a bit trying Abbi didn't have school, which she doesn't really understand. We arrived this morning to a parking lot full of police and firetrucks. YIKES Everyone was standing outside. I guess there was some sort of power surge or something early in the AM which sparked some sort of fire on the roof! A firetruck left the right before we did and she was so cute she said Mommy the fireman is leaving I think it's ok to go to school now. She just didn't understand. Bummer day for her she had to attend my Brownie training meeting which couldn't have been super exciting for her! Poor kid! I did take her to Starbucks for a Vanilla Milk that made things a little better at least! Hee Hee!

Hope everyone is having a great week!