Monday, March 27, 2006


Yup it's Spring Break here!!! So since we're not really taking a break from anything here in our house we are going to do our spring cleaning! WEEEEEEEEE of course I am the only one that knows the plan otherwise I would have to hear grumbling throughout the house from everyone I'm sure. So I'm going to be a clever Mommy and ask them to do little things here and there until we are done. They'll get it by tomorrow I know but at least it will be a gradual knowledge! LOL

Today is also the start of the new Rhonna Ferrar 21 Day Challenge that I am definately participating in this time around. I have the quote for the day and I'm very excited to crack open my new art journal and get started. I'll be posting my completed challenge for the day here either before bed or first thing the next morning! This should be a fun fun challenge and hopefully I'll start a new(GOOD) habit in this 21 days!

I'll be back to report in! Happy Monday!

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becky said...

what are you doing for your challenge?? any pages to post yet? my 1st two are up at my blog...