Friday, March 24, 2006

Sorry I suck! and Do you have an In Box?

Ok I've been meaning to blog but then I would have issues with the blogger and would forget and so on! So now anyway I'm back. What have I been doing? OK Quick recap. TN to my Mom's 80 degrees for 3 days. Home 30's snow, a slight cold from the weather changes and back to school and regular old house work blah blah blah. Cute funny kids saying cute funny things. Cute DH saying not so cute funny things, but he thinks he is a laugh riot all day long! Cute DH interview interview cival war blah blah blah. Ok that's all the days I missed your all caugt up!!!! Phew that wasn't hard was it?

Do You have an In Box?
So now I want to tell you about my night stand. Mine is a table that matches my dresser and such. It's Usually covered with books and magazines which I will admit that I put there. But lately my nightstand has taken on a new roll in the family. A roll my kids have decided upon based on need I guess.

Now to set the stage you have to know my children are MORNING PEOPLE ~~~~~BLECK~~~~~!! They are up every morning between 6:30 and 7 AM. That's right AM folks! Now I and my DH are so NOOOOOTTTTTTTT morning people ~~~~Bleck~~~~ We are stay up late NIGHTOWLS and were even as children our parents tell us!

Anyway each morning my Happy Happy Morning Children are up playing and singing and having a raucous old time, I'm still in bed mumbling answers to them and deciding disputes in a half coma like state brought on by going to bed at 3am the night before, umm I mean morning earlier. My most favorite days are the days they play Polly Pockets or Barbie and I have to, in my coma like state, dress a Barbie in a fragile evening gown or WORSE put a nightie on a POLLY doll! (oops another rant for another day sorry sidetrack) Anyhoo lately the pile on my not so neat nightstand has been growing. A My Little Pony Book(I swear I wasn't reading it, it's covering up my Tolstoy!LOL), a Doll with one arm missing, a bracelet that looks to be tied in a knot, ooooh the missing arm, a Polly dress torn in half, a stuffed toy with a hole in it and stuffing coming out, a game that I gather needs batteries and the one that made me post this because I triped over it a Horsey on a stick you know the ones you used to ride as a kid with stuffing coming out of his head in back where one of the reins was attached. So this happened kinda slowly I wasn't really paying attention. Then after the tripping incident I called the girls into my room and asked them why all these toys were in my room and why they couldn't just pick up after themselves. Only to be told what I should be doing with each of them. That's right you got it! My nightstand is now my In Box my to do list for the kids! GREATTTTTTTT!

So after I fully realized this I mentioned it jokinly to Dave at dinner! Innocently saying did you know my nightstand is now my In Bo? We both chuckled and went on to other conversation at the dinner table. The next morning I awoke blurry eyed after telling the girls they weren't going downstairs until they picked up their room or at least cleared a path(this usually buys me 15-20min more sleep). So slowly opening my eyes I notice the GIANT pile of stuff on Dave's nightstand! Boxes, toys, halves of things! I looked over at mine which just had my books and magazines on it. I had to laugh, they listened to me tell Dave at dinner the night before and decided Daddy needed an IN BOX as well!

He did ask me what was going on with his nightstand when he got home. I just laughed and told him he needed to ask the BOSS!!!

Edited to add: My inbox works really well sometimes. I was missing a piece to a tool I use regularly while stamping mostly. When I noticed Sat it was missing I just figured the little piece was gone forever and I'd have to make do without. Well Sunday at some point during the day the piece magically appeared on my INBOX(ie. nightstand). I'm loving this new household tool!