Dancers Dancing!!!!

All the dancers danced so GREAT the recital was a success. Emily did wonderful at the dress rehersal wanted to stay to watch the big girls she was really in her element. She was great in front of a packed auditorium on Sat. for the actual show. She was a little confused and wanted to watch the big girls again. We had to explain that the last preformance with everyone on the stage together big kids and little kids was it the end of the show. She was sad until I reminded her she would be getting a DVD of it and be able to watch herself on TV. She's happy! She chose Bakers Square for dinner and ate a ton of food. When we got home she and I went and shopped for some flowers the lawn guys finished cleaning up the backyard and mulching so we can plant anything anywhere now!

We planted some plants then it was baths and bed for the girls! Dave and I are just happy it all went smoothly and she was so happy and calm about it all! She can't wait to do it again next year! I'm happy she found an activity she loves!

Sunday I went to HD on what had to be thier busiest day of the year it was crazy but I watned some more plants for the yard and we needed more wire stuff for the weed eater thingy. Oh well it wasn't all that bad once I got in line however I will remember that next year. Came home and planted more plants Em came home from Haley's to help. I made taco's for dinner and we cut into the cake Emily chose to celebrate her successful week of Graduation and Dance Recital! It was an adorable ladybug cake.

Monday was ok but terribly chilly after the 80 degrees we had Sunday. The girls really enjoyed each other yesterday and I did laundry and stuff. Later we went to the post office to mail off one of my swaps. And then back home for more laundry and cleaning. I got nothing done over the weekend so I have to catch up! Later we went out and watered the plants making sure to give Em's pumpkin lots of extra water! It's a very thirsty plant!

Well I'll catch up on today later tonight. Off to learn how to mobile blog!