Gracie In Her Element

OK so I know I'm behind on posting about Gracies progress.  Mostly because well it's the Holiday Season and we've been running around to concerts and events and shopping etc.

Gracie has made herself at home and Vienna has excepted that.  They now get up every morning and run together to the yard it's a race to see who gets downstairs first.  Gracie doesn't make the turn well though on the wood floor at the bottom, so I'm sure there will be a Christmas tree accident in our future. 

We are still working on Potty Training; Grace has days where she forget she just can't pee in a chair or mommy's bed, she needs to go outside.  Our unusually warm weather has been a blessing though, even if I have mud everywhere.  Mostly because the rug I bought to put by the back door is one of Graces favorite potty spots and it's in the wash more than it's on the floor.

We did get her a crate for when we're not home and she's starting to get she's not in there that long(it's great nap time) and she gets treats when she goes in.  Soon she'll be like her big sister Vienna and run in there when I put my shoes on, even if I'm just going to get the mail.  The crates are set up across from each other so they can see the other throughout the day and I think she's stopped howling the entire time we're gone.  I'm sure Vienna is grateful for this... 

Grace did get a hold of some Styrofoam recently and chew it up.  I assume she ate some since she had some problems going potty for a day or two.  I'm still finding it, she got it in her crate and apparently has a Styrofoam stash hidden somewhere.  I haven't been able to find it.
She is a chewer but that's the puppy in her.  She chews on us, Vienna, the shoes at the front door if she is sunning(when we have sun), herself, the side of the garbage bag on the tall can in the kitchen,  the Christmas presents under the tree, tissues from the garbage,  the doggy bed, and all of the toys which she collects in the bed so there is barely any room for Vienna.  It's fun though she creates play time everyday and pretty much involves everyone in it.  Gracies rule of the day would be EVERYONE PLAYS WITH ME.....  Maybe this is because she hasn't discovered belly rubs....  Viennas rule of the day would be EVERYONE RUBS MY BELLY or FIX THESE BLANKETS SO THERE IS A TUNNEL....

We've been doing lots of new things though.  Going in the car can be fun - We went to get our nails clipped where she did great and she and Vienna shared and ice cream after, plush they got Christmas collar covers.   We also went to the Petco and shopped for food and treats.  For some crazy reason Mommy was looking at doggie diapers, although they did not come home with us YET.   

The garage can be fun(unless no one realizes we're exploring and we're stuck out in the dark for awhile) - She loves to explore and if a car door is open she will go in and sit down. 

Walks can be fun - She has finally gotten the hang of the evening walk although she still needs a harness since she pulls so much.  But she can go potty on a leash now.

This week she will meet her Aunts Mia and Brie we are so excited for them to come.  More friends to play with.

Thanks again for stopping by hope your week is going well.