Garden Update - First Harvest

 Last weekend I took these pictures.  We put up little trellis' for the melon and the cucumber to climb on since they were taking over the garden and attaching themselves to all the other poor plants.
 Now the Zucchini is free and you can see the Carrots and Lettuce plainly.  The cucumbers aren't laying on them.
 The Peppers are free of the Melon but the Tomatoes are still encroaching I need to do something about that.
 Cucumbers look happy climbing.

This is the Melon next to the Yellow Squash(or behind now).  Then an overall view.
This is the garden yesterday things are filling in now that the vines are up on the trellis'.  When we put them up we found a nice size Yellow Squash that I picked since it was raining so much, didn't want it to rot.
 Abbi and I also picked the Green Beans for dinner, YUMMY
So this is our first Harvest.
I roasted them together and made a little veggie medley.  Just EVOO, Salt and Pepper and they were so delicious!