Peaceful Butterfly Sky

Good Morning,  I'm over at the Memory Box Blog again today.  And well summer is almost here.  For the kids anyway....  What does that mean for the parents?  OMG we have to come up with a way to entertain them for 2 1/2 months.  EEEK  Ok I have 1 week to get my ideas together!  In the mean time I'm looking forward to non rainy days with this card, which reminds me of a summer sky full of butterflies and fluffly clouds.  For the background I used  Large Ringlets 98790 cut out of mirror card and for the butterflies I used Peaceful Butterfly Wings 98880 (I cut them out of the background), and Butterfly Delights 98130 also used were the  Mini Clouds 98689.
I hope you like this summery card!  Have a Wonderful Day!