My New Alphabet Art Journal - Calligraphy Practice

So  I've decided to practice my Calligraphy more often.  To that end I am working on an Alphabet Art Journal.  This way I get to play with a lot of techniques and get a little practice in.  For A I have chosen the word Angel.  I used my Bombshell Angel Stamp set (all time favorite Bombshell Stamp) and colored and fussy cut the little Angel/cherub he is of course shooting a heart.    The clouds are Memory Box(found my missing Puffy Clouds Die but not before I purchased a second set, UGHHHH, I digress).  And I practiced the word Angel a lot before putting it in the journal.  Oh my am I out of practice.  This will be a good excercise for me and hopefully I will improve and be back to writing calligraphy with ease when I get to Z  OMG Z.  Not going to panic it will be a slow process.



Margie H said…
I cannot do Calligraphy - no matter how many times I try! LOL!! So I applaud you and looking forward to your journal! Not sure what Z will bring you but first thing that came to mind was Zentangle (sp?)! LOL! Have a good weekend!! xo