A New Addition to our Family

Well we went to Nashville to visit my family and celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary and the end of the school year.  The kids got the best souvenir ever!  They've been asking for a doggie for years.  We were at Happy Tales/Humane in the Factory in Franklin,  a regular stop when we visit.  Usually the Happy Tales has just cats they only bring Dogs every once in awhile.   The girls fell in love with "Princess", we left an went to lunch and talked about it.  Dave seemed as open as we could have hoped for he was a boy outnumbered by a table of 4 girls, he basically resigned himself to being a dog owner.  We were all in agreement she was not a "Princess".  Dave was first on the name boat, if he has to clean up the yard he gets naming rights, he said her name was Vienna.  After lunch we went back to Happy Tales and asked if we could take her out and get to know her.   She came outside with us and the girls and she played.  Everyone fell in love us with her and she with Dave of course.  Ok she probably loves all of us equally but she's a smart dog he was the hard sell.  We talked about it some more and the girls did some negotiating with Daddy and we were off.   We started the adoption process.  Vienna is 7 years old and had been living with a foster family she had only been to the adoption days a few times.
Vienna at Grandma's house wondering if this is all we do.
We got to take her home to my Moms where she met her Aunts Mia and Bree whom she loved.  Grandpa brought her a kennel and a new bed and water bowl.  We found out she is a snuggler and she loves being under the blankets on someones lap!  

She was even well behaved on the 11 hr drive home.  She slept in her kennel pretty much the entire time unless we weren't moving.  At home she found her spot which involves the big red sleepy blanket.  The blanket is better if there is a person in it especially one of her people! 
Abbi & Vienna Sleeping on the couch up to early at 6AM....

She has been welcomed with open arms to the neighborhood and by friends and family.  Her first few days have been awesome except for the Thunderstorms.  She doesn't totally freak out in Thunder but she definitely gets nervous and looks around wary sometimes whining and we may get a little bark.  She's great if she's on a lap
 Emily and Vienna during a big spring Thunderstorm, watching the weather on TV.

She's spent a couple hours at the park today with the girls and is now getting a bath.  I don't hear any screaming so it must be going well.  We'll see how a Tennessee doggie likes a Chicago Winter in a few months but for now she has the undivided  attention of two very thrilled girls for the summer.  Hopefully Vienna will be very happy here with us. 
Thank you Happy Tales for the new addition to our Family!!!!


wwilloww said…
What a sweet tale!!! I too have a mini doxie rescued from a puppy mill. He had never been free to run around or snuggle so now he is making up for lost time. I have had Buddy for 3 years and he still loves to cuddle especially under the covers and to run around and play with all his toys. I love him so much!!! Thanks for sharing your Vienna (too clever)tale...
Kathi said…
Awww. She's adorable.

Enjoy her company!