More Bees - Playing with the Diffuser

I finally got around to playing with the Tim Holtz Diffusers and the Honeycomb Embossing folder.  I can't believe I was intimidated by them.  So simple and such a cool affect.  I've also used the Memory Box Jolly Bumble Bees and the Honey Bee Skep as well as the greeting from Lawn Fawns Bee Mine stamp set.  

We did a little shopping at ABT yesterday and in 3 more days my new dryer arrives this is my Valentine gift WOO HOO.  I can't wait to do laundry!  For real not that I haven't done laundry for the last two months I've just been hanging everything to dry.  Which is very time consuming considering how little space we really have to hang laundry.  So I am a bit behind.  You can see how my Friday will go right.  That's ok I'm looking forward to warm fresh laundry out of the dryer.

Enough about my laundry issues their just boring.  Tonight after Em's Chorus rehersal we are baking Yummies for the Art Clubs Valentine Party and working on Ab's b-day party invites.  That is more exciting!  Can't wait to get crafty with the girlies once they are home from school and activities.  It will be a great kick off to the week.

Happy New Week.  for stopping by!


Margie H said…
Cute, cute, cute!!!

Glad you're getting your laundry routine back! LOL! The things we take for granted, right? Speaking of, must catch up on that! LOL!!

It was SO GOOD TO SEE YOU on Saturday! You too have a great week! xo