Another peak at the Copic Christmas Class

Another Peak from the Copic Christmas Class tomorrow at CraftFancy.   Colors we will be using are  YG97, YG95, YG93, YG91, Y19, Y17, Y13, E27,  E50, E51, E53, E57, E59, R29, R27, R24, R22, N4, N2, N0, C0, C1, 0, R20.

Today was a fun day the kids decided to sweep and mop and then we went to the library where they participated in an Iron Chef Competition.  They had fun with fruit and chocolate sauce....  I had fun finding some new reading materials.  Then we did a little grocery shopping and headed home for a sleepover with Emily's girlfriend Julie.  They've set up their tent in the Garage and are already hanging out watching Iron Man and eating snacks.

Hope everyone had a great day!