Very Off Topic - But Time Saving

So I realized this isn't what this blog is about but finally found a floor cleaner that is easy to make, easy to use and makes my floors look fabulous.  It will give me more time for my paper stuff and no more scrubbing the floors 3 or 4 times to get rid of weird soap films.  I tell am so excited.

And you know I found this on Pinterest but it originally came from the blog Natures Nurture and the post can be found HERE!  Next I'm going to check out the freezing of fresh fruit ie. lemon juice and zest.
homemade floor all-purpose cleaner 
Ok that's my PSA for the day I'm off to finish my floors!   Have a great day!


stamplover2011 said…
Awsome!!! I have been having problems with cleaning my floor after my 2 year old spilled orange juice and window cleaner on it. Thank you so much!! I will have to try it!!