On The Road

Just outside of Mammoth Cave in KY the deer walked right up to our car.  The wild turkeys ran away quickly when I tried to take their picture, all I got were butts as usual.

Today we left from home around 7:30am and headed to Nashville.  We stopped and did a 2mile hiking tour of Mammoth cave.  There were 440 stairs which Emily thought was horrific.  Abbi on the other hand only said, watch your head Daddy well that is until she stood up in one spot and hit her head, and she's the shortest of all of us!   Anyway we learned a lot about the miles of caves and had fun.  Then it was on To Grandma's House.  We didn't arrive until around 9pm so we're off to bed....


Margie H said…
AH~! I am so jealous you all were at Mammoth Cave - had so much fun there as a girl :) Great picture of the deer - too bad about the turkey (butts - lol!!).

Have a great time with your mom and in Nashville...did I tell you I used to live in Nashville (well, Brentwood)? Loved it there :)