Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy Weekend - Crazy Monday

This is one of the Copic Skin & Hair cards we will be creating in class on Thursday.  There are 3 more I will share as the week goes on.  Super fun coloring reserve your spot today.

So this past weekend was speedy fast.  I taught all day Saturday Flowersoft and Copic Christmas we had a great time and everyone made some beautiful cards.  Sunday I took the Intermediate Copic Certification class.  Phew that was a long one from 9am-8pm.  I was a little concerned by the length but really time flew Debbie Olson and Lori Craig  made it seem like we were only there for a couple of hours coloring and having fun.  I met some wonderful ladies and we laughed and learned lots.  It really was a day of coincidence.... I sat next to a very sweet lady from Crown Point...who remembers my mom from her banking days,  had lunch with a a wonderful woman that works for Siemens in my current hometown (my husbands employer), was at the same table with the cutest lady that I happened to teach Copic Basics to and got her hooked,  plus got to spend the day sitting next to and chatting with amazing and clever Suzanne McNeill .  Who could ask for more?  Really.....but boy was I tired last night. 

We had planned to go to the pool today with our neighbors however it's a gloomy gus outside so I will work on my step outs for class this week and continue working on a custom order of We've Moved Cards along with some Wedding invite samples for a soon to be new bride. 

Update on Abbi - the lump seems smaller however Dave and I think it may be just that we keep staring at it every single day.   Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.   She is over all of the attention and I'm not sure she's telling us the truth when we ask if it hurts.  We currently have an appointment with the surgeon for next week but they are trying to fit her in sooner... As long as we might get an appt. for her we're a bit in limbo.    She did learn to ride a bike on Friday in total determination not to be outdone by her Sister that learned th day before while she was making the dr./hospital rounds.  Now we are onto finding bikes for everyone since we can all now ride.

Ok that has to be all for now hope everyone has a FABULOUS Monday.

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