Birthday Cake Boxes

OK so here is the deal.  Dianne and I were invited to a Stampin Up party by the Diane(snicker snicker, she cracks me up)anyway the talented Margaret let us in making the most adorable little box withe a battery operated tea like birthday cake in it.  I fell in love(I know I'm weird).  Since we had at least 6 b-day invites in the works for the next few weeks I decided I would make these for birthday cards for each of the parties the kids had to go to.  Here is my first one.  I have totally altered the original cake box size to accommodate a gift card which was the gift for Izzy's 8th birthday party. 
The box base was created from and 8x8 pieces of cardstock.

See I added the words pull here so they knew there was something under there.

I Cut a half circle with a punch to access the gift card. 

The purple slide in is just a pieces of cardstock folded over with 1/8" give and foam tape and enough room to slide the pretty gift card into.