It's that time of the year again for Quick & Easy Valetines

Class is tomorrow morning and evening!  These are fun using new Hero Arts stamps that maybe weren't intended as Valentines but well why not?  Be sure to check out the new Class Calendar for February.  Samples will be making a preview next Saturday at our big Make & Take event

Well it was a bummer of a day for the Bears and no Super Bowl for us.  But we had a nice quiet day at home.  I'm cooking a whole turkey dinner right now!  Can't wait.  Dave and the kids are beside themselves it's like a holiday.  Don't tell them it was just really inexpensive at the grocery store.  Hee Hee.  The kids were back and forth between Football and movies on their portable DVD thing.  They have watched I think 3 today.  They did try to play outside, it's just too cold but that sun was nice even if it didn't warm us much.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the game even if we didn't win.  I know our Wisconsin friends really loved it!


Dan.Eliot said…
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Kathi said…
It was a bummer for Jets fans too.

Anyways, those are all great cards. I really love the one with the little crooked houses and the one with the telephone!
Christie said…
Love your Valentine cards - fabulous!